Domestic aluminum extrusion direction toward the large-scale
2013-03-30    Hits:2160

Currently, the world's aluminum processing technology and equipment to large, modern, sophisticated production line automation direction. According to statistics, the world has been equipped with different types of structure, purpose, pressure extruder of 7000 units or more, more than 600 of its U.S., Japan, more than 400 units, more than 200 units in Germany, Russia and more than 400 units, the country of more than 3,000 units, a large between the part of the 15-25MN small extruder. Subway, high-speed trains and other modern transport development requires a whole lot of siding and other structural components, it is toward large-scale extrusion direction. After decades of development, the world has been officially put into use tons or more large extrusion machine about 20 units or more, has a national United States, Russia, China, Japan Western Europe.

Current large-scale high-quality garden flat extrusion cylinder and specialty abrasive technology has been a breakthrough. From the design calculations, structure selection, handling methods, molding technology, new materials development to improve in terms of life, etc. grinding, squeezing workers abrasive technology has great development. Developed a tongue like mold, flat Porthole Die, fork mold, mold front room, diversion mold, removable mold width spread mold, water-cooled mold, etc., while there has been active in various forms mold tool automatically loading and unloading mechanism greatly simplifies the work abrasive loading and unloading operations, saving auxiliary time. In recent years, Russia, the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries have developed 850MMX330MM, 1100MMX330MM geometric pressure of 600MPa or more large flat extrusion cylinder, allegedly life of 10,000 times. China has developed into 670MMX2700X1600MM large high-quality flat extrusion cylinder. Large extrusion tool handling automation, rapid technology has also made great progress, in order to create the conditions for fully automated.
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