Long Aluminum officially released new website
2013-03-30    Hits:2105
NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, May 24 morning, when the majority of employees as usual, open the company's website, when everyone was pleasantly surprised to find that our website in a completely new attitude presented in front: distinctive, fresh layout, color, bright, focused reasonable structure, content-rich, dynamic and static illustrations. The new revamped website has finally met with the majority of employees.

In accordance with the instructions of the leadership of the company and run a site's requirements, various functional departments in the company's concern and support, through the joint efforts of Yige designed to May 2010 to complete the upgrading of the company web site, the new site from now on trial run .

The revision focuses on four aspects: First, clear positioning, and strive to reflect the value; Second rationalize architecture, and strive to enrich the content; Third, highlight the characteristics, and strive to beautify the page; Fourth, improve function, and strive convenient and practical.

Clear positioning, and strive to reflect the value, in addition to achieve office information Outsider, the site is the company's major media, must be clearly reflect its responsibilities and values, give full play to "propaganda", "culture", "management" role of the three platforms. Rationalize the structure, and strive to enrich the contents of this revision strive to: focused, clear theme, rich in content-oriented clear, coherent and smooth, harmonious structure, convenient OA office. Highlighting the characteristics, and strive to beautify the page, philosophical sense, the content determines form. For web sites, forms design must serve the content requirements must reflect the spirit of the company and the requirements to meet the company's central operational needs. Improve function, and strive to facilitate the practical use of the background to update and improve the click
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